Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Apple Plans To Let Developers Offer Discounts On in-app Subscriptions

Apple plans to give developers more freedom on launch price levels of in-app subscriptions. Apple evokes the beta notes of iOS 11.2 rated by 9to5Mac. Apple plans to extend full pricing and free pricing options to include a new low cost option to entice new subscribers to sign up with an activated automatic payment. Prior to this date, developers were allowed to use only one-time free trials to encourage users to sign up for the automatic payment system. It is not clear exactly when iOS 11.2 will arrive, but this should be done in the very near future.

The change will not be too much felt by users, but it should be a win for developers if they can find a more comfortable middle ground between a free trial and a full-price subscription. Apple has already softened the deal for app makers selling subscriptions with a change in the App Store policy, introduced last year, which reduced subscription revenue by 30% to 15%, provided that a user has been paying for the subscription for more than 12 months.

Now, with more price freedom, Apple is encouraging even more developers to sell software subscriptions through the App Store. Considering the revenue from Apple's service division, which includes the App Store, is now larger per quarter than the iPad, Apple Watch and combined headsets divisions, it's easy to see why the iPhone maker wants to invest in fixed money in the long term to do business.

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