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What To Expect From Apple's 'See You' iPhone Event

It is once again that time of the year. It is the end of summer, and Apple is once again about to introduce a new iPhone. This year alone, there is a different rumor. Cupertino talked about was playing relatively safe with a new smartphone for the second year or even eliminate taking secular headphones. What's wrong with that? And of course, most likely it's just the tip of the iceberg. Apple clock is long in the tooth, new versions of iOS and Mac OS are almost ready ... and how many will tell you, large file extensions iPad and Apple Mac collecting dust. But what you see when Tim Cook and company take the stage? We have assembled some of the most plausible leaks, rumors and conjectures to help set expectations for September 7th Apple multimedia show.

The next iPhone: Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away

Historically, Apple introduced the iPhone a major redesign every two years, with a smooth upgrade "S" between the two. However, this year is something special: The Wall Street Journal and other sources expect the next iPhone (unofficially known as iPhone 7 and 7 Plus) to play safely. Although there will be biggest external changes we have seen in the iPhone 6s, Cupertino team willing to reinvent the wheel either. Would share the same aesthetic you saw from the iPhone 6 in 2014, with curved aluminum frame largely, but most of the time without relief. Cleaner lines and possible new colors (black options rumors and dark blue) antenna may be the only visible to show that you have a new phone forms.

This does not mean that changes are purely cosmetic - far from it. It is expected that the standard size for iPhone a larger camera that can provide better light sensitivity, while most variant can boast of two cameras that offer better development and low-light photography, like what is found Huawei in P9. There is also talk of a start button touch work style, A10 chips faster, basic storage increased to 32 GB (with a choice of 256 GB) and even a possible dual SIM support for countries like China and India. A rumor says that we will see high-resolution displays, but the jury is still out on this report.

There is a great thing that probably will not get this year, however: a headphone jack. As with the Moto Z and the last Leeco phone, or connect to the data port (in this case, port lightning) or wirelessly and listen to their songs. This does not mean that your favorite headphones cable to instantly obsolete, they care about. Some leaks have suggested that Apple could offer a 3.5 mm headset adapter Rayo accommodate legions on the market today. There is no guarantee that this connector will come in the box, but you probably have some sort of alternative in case you're not quite ready to embrace Bluetooth.

There is one last, the question looming on the iPhone: When is it going to happen? Leaking store AT & T suggests that the carrier may be preparing to launch a store on September 23, but that is exceptionally long wait for Apple. Usually prefers a statement on the second Friday after the event, which would be the 16th day Well known for leaks Evan Blass he heard the retail release is scheduled for the 16th, it seems that the most likely date .

The first Apple Watch refresh

Unless you count new bands and colors of cases such as hardware upgrades, Apple clock has been coming intact for almost a year and a half, in April 2015. This is ripe for an update level ... and many suspect you will have its first major revision in the September event. From a logical standpoint, this makes sense. WatchOS 3 was tested throughout the summer, existing supplies are low, and Apple likes to present major revisions of the platform with the new hardware. Moreover, rumors were showing a principle of the new sponges wrist Mars. If she was not ready for him to be ready right now.

So you get if appear? Like the iPhone 3G, the second model may be more on addressing the obvious problems in the first model of a complete revolution. The first rumors of a camera are dead, and should not cellular data to make the cut due to concerns battery life. Instead, the big case can be GPS: You can perform precise navigation and tracking without relying on your iPhone.

After that, it can be a matter of refinement. analyst at KGI Ming-Chi Kuo, who is often the ball on Apple's plans, believes the upcoming Apple Watch will be a barometer to track altitude, high water resistance, higher capacity battery and a processor faster. This last part is especially important. While WatchOS 3 accelerate many tasks by itself, a processor upgrade might further reduce annoying delays affecting the clock apple today.

The real mystery is when the second generation SmartWatch looks. There was no credible leak, and no extensive story to tell. The gap of six weeks from the introduction and release date of Apple Watch in March 2015 is not typical for the company. If the team is ready to go, however, we could imagine that comes along with the new iPhone in mid-September.

Software upgrade release dates: iOS 10 and more

Software usually plays an important role in the September Apple event, and this year is probably not an exception. Since Apple still joins a new iPhone hardware for new versions of iOS in the fall, we expect to see a 10 date for iOS update event. Society tends to send these updates at least days before the arrival of the new iPhones.

As with other programs? It is more difficult to determine. WatchOS 3 appears to be one of the favorites in an announcement of the release date (it was in testing developers as long as IOS), especially if there is a new watch Apple unveiled simultaneously. A software update TVOS is true that there is no word of a corresponding hardware upgrade Apple TV, though it may occur on the day the software updates Apple TV sometimes have gathered new versions of iOS. And Sierra macOS launch? Well, that is in the air. While Apple has sold Captain at the end of September last year, there is no certainty that Sierra will be ready in a similar period. He may have to wait until a new Mac hardware. On that note ...

Wild cards: new Macs and iPads

If you are asking the devotees of what is Apple to the next level, many of them shouting "Mac". It is for good reason, too. Outside the 12-inch MacBook and iMac, most Mac range has not been updated for more than a year ago. Some of this is due to the slowdown of the update cycle of Intel and diminishing returns in performance, but the fact remains that the line Apple Computer could keep a redesign.

But it will get this review in September? It seems unlikely. A recent leak Bloomberg says a MacBook Pro with a fingerprint reader, a strip of OLED control and USB-C is in the works for the fall, but will not show on September 7. And the word Mom in other reworkings of Mac beyond vague hints of an update of the MacBook Air. Apple has recently stopped selling ray screen and is rumored to be building an independent 5K screen that would go well with the new Mac, but the mill was silent about his fate in recent weeks.

You can see the new iPads. IPad 2 air nearly two years older, and forecasters AppleInsider suggests that at least 12.9 inch iPad Pro can get a promotion. Like the Mac, however, there is nothing that suggests strongly that substitutions or appear in September. The updates could end up waiting until a separate event in October, if not next year. Just keep an open mind - some might expect the iPad Pro to be introduced along with the new iPhone last year, and Apple simply can introduce improved modestly in September tablets instead of keeping them for later.

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