Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Apple Takes Another Important Step Toward Building A Waterproof iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 will be one of the hottest smart phones to hit stores this year, and a lot of rumors design and some of the most important new features we have discussed it expected. . In fact, new discoveries show that Apple's future may better waterproof and audio technology and even better sport.

Found by Apple Insider, patent No. 9,364,589 describes a Liquid resistant acoustic device. That’s a fancy way of describing a speaker that will have waterproof or water-resistant features, thus helping the iPhone resist spills even better than it already does.

The patent describes a mesh umbrella that can be used between an audio ports (such as language) and below the diaphragm in the housing of a device, placed in order to direct fluid away from the internal components of the device. If the pressure increases, the mesh may allow liquid to pass through in order to avoid structural damage.

used to describe (pictured above).

Second patent awarded to Apple EarPods performance improvement company describes the technology. System and method of mixing signals accelerometer and microphone to improve audio quality in a mobile device as, Patent No. 9364596 describes that bone conduction headphones and accelerometer technology to improve noise cancellation features to use.

This technology can be used for hands-free phone calls, but also to talk to a more advanced version of Siri useful. These headphones that both the iPhone is clearly in an image, but also work with other devices is shown.

S about all of Apple's patents, there's nothing to suggest the tech described in this document will be used in the next iPhone 7 series. But it certainly looks like Apple is interested in making the iPhone is waterproof without changing their plans, and also interested in improving the overall audio experience.

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